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Cat ~: Cats Meow The domestic cat[1][2] (Felis catus[2] or Felis silvestris catus[4]) is a small, usually furry, domesticated, carnivorous mammal. It is ofte…

25 Responses to Cat pictures and cat sounds, Cats Meow

  1. Jill Macnamara says:

    My cat freaked! Her pupils were huge and she started prowling around the house like she was hunting!!

  2. DrunkSidekicker says:

    My cat thought there was a kitty under my laptop…

  3. rojan pyakurel says:

    Bitch please..I played this to freak out the rat in my house hahaahah :3

  4. Dustin Jucknies says:

    And thus became sounds for movies.

  5. queenofthedamned37 says:

    same here

  6. queenofthedamned37 says:

    same here

  7. jonh smith says:


  8. Sarah McBride says:

    My two cats just started to fight each other….and then got really confused…

  9. TheSuperStephMan says:

    I just uploaded a video of my cat reacting to a video of cats meowing! She didn’t like it at all and it’s pretty funny, so check it out!

  10. PrometheusTheCat says:

    There are stray cats always around my porch and they are terrified of peopl but they came right to me when i played thjs

  11. malik eid says:

    my cat goes angry

  12. TheDishonoredguy TDG says:

    My cat and dog only sitter

  13. John Leo Navalta says:

    While my cat is sleeping on my lap, i started to play this, she was shocked, and started looking around. haha

  14. Syahiza Shahidi says:

    My cat doesn’t give a f*ck lol

  15. Emma Louise says:

    My dog now thinks there is a cat living in my computer, he keeps sniffing under the desk & on top… His not the smartest of dogs! Aha!

  16. Verdi Fam says:

    my cat got scared

  17. model4kalista says:

    My dog qot’ scared!!!

  18. Fishyregent363 says:

    Mine to xD

  19. Dayana Taylor says:

    My cat was freaking out

  20. Rosie Price says:

    my dogs are trying to get to the cats thru my computer..

  21. Fluffy GameplayTV says:

    Me too :d hahaaa

  22. Jeremiah Lomax says:


  23. Jeremiah Lomax says:


  24. angela heffernan says:

    my cat is freaking out right now looking for the cats

  25. alvin sentosa says:

    this just saved my cat. i looked for her for 1 hour, and this video made her meowed, she’s a kitten and her voice was very small, she was hiding behind the wall, like this f*ckin apartment’s cabinet is open in the back end which i cant see, thanks to my thin girlfriend, she could go in and take a picture or the ‘blind spot’ that neither of us can reach, but i swore to her i heard her squeal a bit when i played this, times and times again, my girlfriend was already crying.. thanks a lot again.

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